Growing Capacity to Manage Technical Change

Change or die. That is the hard reality facing professionals and organizations in today’s quickly evolving technical landscape. In this course, participants will leave with a basic understanding of three attributes and disciplines for increasing individual and organizational capacity to take...Read More >

Introduction to Design Thinking

Have you ever been stuck? What can you do when there is a messy situation and you are not sure how to tackle it? This course provides an innovative approach to break mental boundaries and overcome problems called Design Thinking. This course allows participants to work together to come up with...Read More >

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and control emotions to achieve positive outcomes in relationships. Project managers with high emotional intelligence are better equipped to deal with team members, vendors, sponsors, and other stakeholders and to handle and resolve conflicts. In...Read More >

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Foundations

This course provides the foundation to the Managing Organizational Change and Transition course. This course is taught by experienced project managers and is designed for those who are responsible for implementing or helping to implement changes from projects and other organization-wide changes....Read More >

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Primer

This course provides a high-level awareness of organizational change management practices. Participants learn from experienced project managers how to manage the people side of change and how to take advantage of change as an opportunity. Participants leave with a basic understanding of what...Read More >