Getting Better Every Day

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Every company has values, and every company has a culture. Here at Solarity we take our values seriously, and one of those values is continuous improvement . It sounds simple enough, but when you put it into practice, it’s actually sort of painful for...Read More >

Presentation: Governance is not a four letter word!

PMI Bluegrass Chapter Meeting You cringe when you hear the word governance. Here it comes: rules, standards, regulations, delay, fights with colleagues and, worst of all, bureaucracy. Governance discussions are some of the most challenging that company managers will have. In this session discover...Read More >

Training in the 21st Century

There are certain things that have improved exponentially over the past few decades. Maybe you’ll agree with me on a few: Photo editing   Remember the ‘90s when it took a degree in graphic design to be able to cover up a pimple or put your friend’s head on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body?...Read More >

Mindfulness and Project Management

Okay, people, it’s time to put on your yoga pants. And get your salt lamp. All stocked up on that organic bulgur wheat? Just kidding. But seriously, when I bring up the subject of mindfulness and project management, a lot of people raise their eyebrows. If you are one of these people, stick with...Read More >

Accidental Project Managers: A Roundtable Meeting in Frankfort

PMI Bluegrass Chapter Meeting “By definition, an Accidental Project Manager is ‘A business professional where project management is a secondary responsibility, but who is asked to do important corporate projects nonetheless’. It can also be any person who now manages projects for...Read More >