Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

There's a place at the table for you! The turkey is in the oven. You’ve been basting it faithfully. The stuffing is perfectly seasoned. Cranberry sauce is chilled. The table is set with all of your grandmother’s finest china. You are ready to host the annual family Christmas party. Then...Read More >

Wired Behind the Scenes

By Sarah Sechrist Here at Solarity, I’m in the accounting department, which means I work from an office on my computer making financial projections, tracking expenditures, crunching numbers, counting beans. I don’t get out in the field, and I don’t meet with our partners and clients....Read More >

One Touch Make-Ready

Considering an action your community's governing body can take now to reduce the time and cost of building a Fiber-to-the-Premise network in the future  by Terry Barnes What is your community's goal for a broadband network?  How will you ensure that your community has the gigabit broadband...Read More >

Why Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Loves KentuckyWired

With the Kentucky Republican Caucus on Saturday, it’s the perfect time to read up on why your favorite presidential candidate loves KentuckyWired. Sure, all of them want to get their message into every home on super-fast internet. Nobody wants to be buffered during their killer comment in a hot...Read More >