Past Sessions



Join Us April 12th for the FREE Project Management Primer!

We are excited to once again be holding our Project Management Primer Friday, April 12th at 10:00am EST. Join us as you take your first steps on the journey to becoming project management certified, or to dip your toes to see if project management may become a new passion!

This session provides a high-level understanding of project management fundamentals. You will learn from experienced project managers a limited scope of right-sized project management to lead and/or help organize projects in any industry. Bring your own project ideas to contemplate and discuss during the session to provide an educational yet fun environment that promotes understanding and confidence. You will leave with a basic understanding of what project management is, why it is important, how to manage projects, as well as some basic tools to utilize afterwards. This session serves as a foundation on which other project management skills development courses build.

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