Solarity partners with businesses, organizations, and professionals who are constantly under pressure to deliver measurable results on time and within budget.

An instructor teaching a seminar.Since 2003, Solarity has provided excellent results through hands-on solutions based on proven best practices. We work to understand our customers’ issues and goals, develop a clear definition of where they are, where they want to be, and then create a measurable action plan for success.

Our broad range of experience and knowledge in a range of different industries allows us to customize our approach to fit the situation. We work in total partnership with our clients to understand their business needs and the current environment, and then match the right amount of process to meet the culture and the project.

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Our Areas of Expertise:

Our Certifications:

  • a Project Management Institute® Registered Education Professional (R.E.P.), with Project Management Professionals (PMPs)® on staff
  • a Silver Microsoft Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) Partner, with Microsoft Certified Technical Specialists (MCTS) on staff
  • Certified Prosci Change Management professionals on staff

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Our Approach

We partner with our customers to understand their issues and goals, develop a clear definition of their current state, design the desired future state, and create a measurable action plan for success.

Closing the gaps takes place through a tailored approach applying Strategic Planning, Project Management, Organizational Change Management, and Business Process Analysis.

Solarity Definition

Solarity was a term coined to describe the qualities of the organization we wished to build. 

The word solar is an adjective that can mean determined by, proceeding from, or pertaining to the sun. The sun shines light on things, helps them grow and thrive.

The suffix -ity converts the adjective Solar into a noun that means “the condition or quality of being” determined by the sun. So, when we are at our best, we are an organization that shines light, growing and clarifying things, through the power of a greater light.

Solar as a noun is the upper chamber of a room in a medieval house. It provided a place for the leaders to be alone so that they could contemplate, plan, and gain perspective. We provide the space for leaders to rest and gain perspective so that they can lead more effectively. 

Solarity is also a homonym of Celerity, which evokes agility, and means swiftness of movement. Our organization can help people move more quickly through better selection, definition, and execution of projects.