I work for Volta and have been working with one of your consultants for the past couple of months, Danielle Bennett. She came on board to help us cover our project management responsibilities while we had our PM out on maternity leave. I was fairly nervous about the transition and how smoothly it would go. I have to say that Danielle is amazing and did a wonderful job for our team. We learned a great deal of knowledge and made several improvements to our overall project management strategy due to her insight. The entire team was grateful to have such a well-organized and pleasant person to fill in while our PM was out. Solarity has always provided us with great project management resources and we appreciate your hard work to make sure our clients are successful.

Matt Duvall, Director of Services

(Best Practices in Project Management) gave me the foundation and skills I need and affirmed my current processes applied to conduct a successful project.

Cynthia Lowell

The messages delivered training in a clear and concise method and the knowledge given was clear enough that I was able to immediately draw comparisons to my current workflow.

Justin Akemon

Great overview of PM methodology and terminology. I liked the emphasis placed on communications - planning, reporting, change management.

George Rogers

The references to real-life projects and scenarios help me the best to see the whole picture, so I like when the instructor makes those connections for me and gives examples across multiple types of projects.

Rebecca Anderson

I wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for your partnership and for the assistance you provided us over the past couple of years. You brought needed expertise and structure to the projects that we were running and you helped us mature our operational structure and processes in several key areas of our business. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the rest of the Solarity team. Thank you for being such great partners and wonderful people.

Jon Vaughn, CEO
Quest Oracle Communities