Make the most of your investment

Microsoft Project is an amazing tool (and can be quite frustrating if you don’t understand how to use it successfully).  We provide you with the advice, coaching, consulting, hosting, or training necessary for this tool to help achieve your objectives.

 Microsoft Project Advice

Microsoft Project is a tool designed to assist your organization with Project Management, Resource Management and Portfolio Management.  It has numerous features and capabilities.  But, do you know how to use the ones that apply to you?  It shouldn’t be expected that you will use all the features available, but it’s good to know whether you’re using the ones you need.  And to know what tools are available that best provide value to your organization. 

We can help with the advice, instruction, coaching, and consulting to make this tool more effective for your needs.  Along with direct advice for clients, we have a blog that highlights many features and “gotcha’s” about Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project Consulting

In addition to Training and Advice we provide direct consulting.  Whether you are trying to determine how to create a Template, modify your existing system or get compliance from your Project Management practices and your Microsoft Project tool, we can provide the help that you need.  Our goal is to allow you to use the tool to the best advantage of your organization’s best business practices.  The strongest compliance to the tool and processes are done when those two align.  We strive to ensure that the setup and usage of the tool matches the methods and processes that your organization uses.

Microsoft Project Training

If you already have or are thinking about getting any of the many variants of Microsoft Project – whether Project Online, Project Pro Online, Project Server, Project Professional or even Project Standard – you should know what the tool can do for you.  We provide training sessions customized for your version of the tool and your needs designed for your organization.  Why attend a public course that tries to cover everything about everything when you only need parts of the course?

Not only do we customize the training for your organization but we customize the training by your audience.  An Administrator, a Project Manager, a Resource Manager and a Team Member have different desires and needs from the tool – why not train them in only what they need to know?

And, as both a Registered Education Provider (REP) and Registered Consultant Provider (RCP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) we can provide you with Professional Development Units (PDU’s) for the time you spend in training.  Part of the reason we can do that is because we aren’t just teaching the tool – we are showing how the tool provides Project, Resource and Portfolio management.

Microsoft Project Installation and Configuration

If you are upgrading versions of Project or installing it new within your organization we know the tips and tricks to make the installation successful.  We understand all the variants and can help with your installation in-house, on Microsoft Azure or Online (with or without O365).  But, installation is the technical part and while it is important, it isn’t the most critical part.  The real value lies in the configuration.  We specialize in ensuring that the tool is setup for your needs.  We ask the questions to make sure the tool is set to match your organizational methods and processes.  We also configure it so that the tool can be modified as your needs change over time.  The value of an installation comes to fruition when the tool works for you and not the other way around.

Microsoft Project Server Hosting

If you desire to have Project in the cloud or hosted in some other manner (Azure, Online, etc) we are experts in hosting Project Server.  We understand the many alternatives available to you and can help you in picking the right version for your needs and in helping you with ongoing support, administration or hosting. 

Contact us to put this service to work for you.