Solarity’s Integrated Practices Management Model

At Solarity, we’ve developed an integrated approach to our business consulting and training services which we call our “Integrated Practices Management Model.”  With this model, we bring together relevant aspects from each service that we practice to enable high quality engagements with our clients.

We help you define measurable goals, empower your team and achieve results.

What is a Solarity Practice? 

A Solarity practice is a consistent, quality delivery of a Solarity service or business operations.  Our model is designed to integrate these quality practices to achieve our mission while aligning with our values.

Solarity Practice Components

A Solarity Practice consists of several components:

  • Guiding Principles – ensure the Solarity team, through consistent behavior, demonstrates effective work ethic that promotes respect in the community and ensures the reputation for success. Guiding principles include direction on when and to what degree a practice is followed (e.g. degree of effort, budget, and reasonableness) to provide quality service delivery.
  • Processes – a set of interrelated activities / procedures that interact to achieve results in an efficient manner, depicted as workflows. Processes convert inputs into outputs.
  • Templates – documents in a pre-defined format that provide a defined practice structure for collecting, organizing, and presenting information and data (e.g. Checklist, Charter, Status Report).
  • Tools – something tangible, such as a technique or software program, used in performing an activity to produce a product or result.
  • Metrics – performance measures related to the delivery of a practice.
  • Wellness Checks – reviews completed, by an objective party, to ensure implemented practices are being followed and quality assurance is promoted.
  • Continuous Improvement – progressively elaborating the components of a Solarity practice through the comprehensive evaluation (check) of the practice delivery (e.g. efficiency, effectiveness, and success metrics) which may lead to a practice enhancement.

Practices Management Office (PMO)

We’ve established an operational platform through our Practices Management Office (PMO) not to be confused with what is normally associated with a conventional Project Management Office (PMO). Solarity’s PMO assures the quality delivery of our business consulting and training services in line with our Integrated Practices Management Model.

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