City Officials Need To:

  • Keep commitments
  • Avoid negative headlines
  • Ensure positive outcomes
  • Work with different personalities

Our Solutions Help…

Save Money & Invest Wisely

It’s important to prioritize the best initiatives and spend money wisely. Failed or stalled initiatives waste limited time and money.

Wellness checks identify sticking points & suggest solutions. Solarity’s experts focus on keeping everyone engaged, informed, and accountable.

Keep Commitments

It’s tough to keep all the needs, commitments, & promises in your community organized and on track.

Solarity will capture and organize a list of your commitments and provide a path to ensure they’re prioritized, assigned, and completed.

Create Shared Vision

People not only want to keep basic services running, they want to understand what the future of the city holds.

Solarity helps engage your city leaders and influencers to gain buy-in, document a shared vision of the future, and outline clear steps to get there.

Work Better Together

Sometimes personalities and priorities can clash and slow progress.

Solarity identifies strengths and challenges within your group and helps everyone work more effectively together.

Organize Complex Initiatives

Large initiatives like infrastructure maintenance and development have a lot of moving parts.

Solarity develops a multi-year plan that allows for adjustments as conditions change, helps with staying on track, budgeting, and keeping consistency across administrations.

Partnering with Us is Easy

Use one of our several pre-existing state and city training and consulting contracts to purchase services, such as:

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Our mission is to help people, organizations, and communities THRIVE! Our broad range of experience and knowledge in a range of different industries allows us to customize our approach to fit the situation. We work in total partnership with our clients to understand their business needs and the current environment, and then match the right amount of process to meet the culture and the project.