Manage Remote Employees Effectively and Get Back In Business

Coronavirus, social distancing, and businesses closed to in-person traffic has disrupted the way we used to work. To stay in business, you must now adapt to managing remote employees who are working from home, use new tools, and find new ways to get jobs done.

Solarity can help.

We offer consulting, virtual-live training, and hundreds of self-guided online training courses to help you:

  • Effectively manage remote employees
  • Find the right combination of remote work tools
  • Train employees at home in using remote work tools and workflows
  • Create processes for efficiently getting jobs done in the new work environment

For over 17 years, we’ve helped organizations successfully manage changes and build efficient processes that keep their business moving. Our certified trainers and staff are highly experienced in working remotely and managing remote workforces.

The necessity for sudden change brings it’s share of chaos. Let Solarity help you regain order and productivity. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


“The guidance we’ve received from Solarity – on project management, process work, communication and collaboration – is all coming into play right now, particularly in these challenging times. Thank you!”

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Geoffrey BlairDirector of Brand Strategy, UK Healthcare

“Our organization is going through significant change and this class (Organizational Change & Transition) will be incredibly beneficial to help with that transition.”

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Kevin WallaceDirector of IT, The Council of State Governments

Increase your remote team’s productivity