Why Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Loves KentuckyWired

With the Kentucky Republican Caucus on Saturday, it’s the perfect time to read up on why your favorite presidential candidate loves KentuckyWired. Sure, all of them want to get their message into every home on super-fast internet. Nobody wants to be buffered during their killer comment in a hot...Read More >

KentuckyWired 101

I know there are a lot of you out there who have been hearing about KentuckyWired high-speed, high-capacity internet (broadband) and wondering what the big deal is. A lot of you are thinking, I have internet in my house. Doesn’t everybody? I can get WIFI at Panera. Life is good. What is...Read More >

Taking Stock and Planning for the Future

The week between Christmas and New Years Day is typically a slow work week. Many people spend some time reflecting upon the year's accomplishments and challenges both professionally and personally. We have done just that this week at Solarity, celebrating our successes and acknowledging our...Read More >

Before Broadband: How Do We Start?

Just like the electrical grid in the 20th century, without access to high-speed internet service, or broadband service, communities are at a significant disadvantage in many ways:  Companies likely won't locate there People will find it more challenging to work (if they require internet access)...Read More >