Presentation: Some Successful Keys to Stakeholder Management

Project Managers become more successful by learning to manage stakeholder relationships in a productive and collaborative way. This interactive presentation highlights several important keys that will help transform stakeholder relationships. Learning Objectives for Some Successful Keys to...Read More >

Solarity Continues to Grow!

We are proud to announce the addition of Jason Ballard to the Solarity team! Jason is a consultant, trainer, and author who serves as the Vice President with Solarity. He provides consulting services to companies of all sizes on multi-year strategic planning and execution, managing and dealing...Read More >

Risk Perception Management Plan

Risk engineers conduct comprehensive risk assessments for many types of large projects, often singularly focused on the technical assessment, thus potentially limiting its value to the technical engineering team. For large, complex projects, limiting or excluding community stakeholder involvement...Read More >

Executive Sponsorship’s Influence on Project Success

 How important is an effective Executive Sponsor to a project’s success? The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently addressed this question in its Pulse of the Profession In-depth Report, and its findings were striking. Executive sponsors can be key to the success or failure of a company...Read More >
''Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.'' - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Learning Organizations

With so much competition and change, organizations can't rely on the same-old practices to succeed. They must change, and one model that's being touted is the high performing learning organization (HPLO). In his recent article "The Learning Curve," Edward Hess outlines several attributes of...Read More >