Project Management vs Entrepreneurship – What was that again?

My previous professional experiences revolved around executive, project, and change management until I decided to open a gourmet food business. I was convinced that making and distributing unique food products based on KY recipes would be a success.  But wait...there is more to the story.  I...Read More >

Recruiting and Hiring Business Analysts – A Panel Discussion

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter will host a panel discussion of Recruiters and Consulting Firms who are currently hiring business analysts in the Bluegrass Region. This is your opportunity to ask questions to the panelists and find out what they look for in business analyst candidates and the current...Read More >

Portfolio Management: The Final Frontier

Ever heard of the Canadarm 2? The Canadarm 2 is a remote-controlled robotic arm attached to the international space station. Named for the country who constructed it, the giant appendage was instrumental in the construction of mankind’s football-field-sized “home” in space...Read More >

Presentation: How do Project Managers Motivate Team Members?

What motivates today's knowledge workers? Traditional approaches involve offering financial rewards (i.e., pay raise) for good performance. They also involve using threats of punishment (i.e., dismissal) for bad performance. But do these traditional approaches still apply? The PMBoK® Guide states that "Managing the project team requires a variety of management skills...Read More >

Project Sponsor: Friend, Frenemy, or Besty?

Do you really need a project sponsor? I mean, do you really? Can’t a great project stand on its own? Can’t a good project manager communicate the project’s value to company stakeholders without the need for a middleman?  Do you really need that guy in the suit, bossing you around in one...Read More >