Best Practices for Effective Project Teams

This specialized course is designed for use by an organization to provide a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of project management to employees across all functional areas. Experienced project managers teach the essential concepts, terms, tools, and techniques needed to...Read More >

Agile Project Management

In today’s fast-paced business world, Agile and hybrid project development approaches are utilized at an all-time high by many different industries (it is not just for the software industry anymore). Project managers and project teams need to be more flexible in their approach. This course...Read More >

Effective Communications & Meeting Management

This course focuses on two of the most problematic areas most organizations face: communications and meetings. Communication is extremely important in every organization. Ensuring those communications are effective at delivering the planned message cannot be taken for granted. As part of...Read More >

Best Practices in Project Management

This course provides a solid understanding and proficiency of best practices in project management that can be used in all endeavors by all people across all industries. Participants learn concepts, terms, tools, and techniques needed to communicate about, organize, plan, execute, monitor, and...Read More >