Composable Systems is a small and strong company with an amazingly talented staff and accelerating growth. Composable approached Solarity to aid in organizing their business processes to handle this accelerated growth and set efficiency into their project management processes. Solarity approached this through the creation of an agreed upon Project Management Process (Workflow) and identification of the resources and tools that would be used for that process.

Solarity is very skilled in project management. The team is both very patient and very deliberate in providing the guidance we need. Through our interaction with Solarity, we were able to better run projects and now have a good inventory of business processes to rely upon.” –Jeremy Sublett, CEO and Founder

Solarity began with the project work flow and flushed out existing Composable System Project Management Process details to recognize existing gaps, inefficiencies and duplicate efforts. Solarity then identified existing tools and resources and used them to help enhance much of the IT processes including: Categorizing opportunities, assignment of Project tasks, creation and tracking of Budgets (time and cost), adhering to Schedules, client communication and bug reporting, centralized Document repository, creation of Knowledge base for lessons learned, creation of Statement of Work template, Development documentation, Version control, and organizing back log task assignments.