COT logoKentucky’s Commonwealth Office of Technology needed to refresh its Strategic Plan in order to guide its future and set priorities for focusing its resources across the Executive Branch of state government, as well as to meet the Commonwealth’s Executive Order requiring strategic planning.

The Commonwealth’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) also included enterprise level planning requirements for the development of core values and information technology (IT) strategic direction to serve as the platform to guide all executive branch agencies. This enterprise platform was deemed essential to foster the optimal utilization of IT by the Commonwealth’s executive branch.

This plan put COT in a very favorable position for the next 3-4 years –Jim Fowler, CIO, COT

COT developed the plan using a consultant-facilitated process that involved key stakeholders. This process provided multiple opportunities for input and created a planning team with approximately 35 members representing COT and executive branch agencies.

This inclusive approach gave the planning team a comprehensive view of COT and its stakeholders’ needs and concerns which are reflected in the plan.