Tenmast Software, an employee-owned company based in Lexington, Kentucky, provides software, service, and support to housing authorities. 

Since its founding in 1984, Tenmast has relentlessly focused on continuous improvement and employee development.  To further these goals, Solarity was asked to design a class that would help introduce a core group of employees to best practices in project management.


Tenmast put the training theory into action and enjoys a substantial competitive advantage through:

•A core staff of certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs)® 

•A library of documented, tested, and continuously improving project processes, tools, and templates

•A repository of historical information from past projects, along with lessons learned so that successful activities can be repeated, and challenges avoided


What are the results?

Recently, Tenmast was selected by King County Housing Authority (Seattle, Washington), their largest implementation to date.  In just this year alone, Tenmast was recognized as one of Kentucky’s Best Places to Work (for the fifth time) and selected as the 2014 Workplace Research to Practice Award


Solarity is glad to have played a small part in helping a great company thrive.