Smarter. Better. More Collaborative… a Success!

Smarter. Better. More collaborative. On time. On budget. Out of the box. Seamless. A success.    Those are the words every project management professional strives for. But in the complex and changing field of project management, high hopes and determination don’t always yield a slam dunk....Read More >

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Project Managers need more than a PMP ® to successfully lead projects. They need to understand the emotions of their team, sponsor(s), stakeholders and most importantly - their own. Attend to learn what emotional intelligence is and how you can use it to your advantage on your projects. Speaker:...Read More >

Enhance Your Career in the New Year!

The demand for qualified project managers is outpacing the available talent pool, around the world. In the United States alone, a growth of 6.2 million new jobs in project management is expected by the year 2020... Learn More . Take advantage of the demand in this growing field by gaining new...Read More >

Executive Sponsorship’s Influence on Project Success

 How important is an effective Executive Sponsor to a project’s success? The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently addressed this question in its Pulse of the Profession In-depth Report, and its findings were striking. Executive sponsors can be key to the success or failure of a company...Read More >