Smarter. Better. More collaborative. On time. On budget. Out of the box. Seamless. A success.


 Those are the words every project management professional strives for. But in the complex and changing field of project management, high hopes and determination don’t always yield a slam dunk. How can you prove you’ve got what it takes to lead a project to success? And if you’re managing a team of PMs, can you count on them to make critical decisions? To balance time, resources, and personalities? Can they do a better job than they are currently doing? Can you?


 Do I need project management certification to land a good project management job?

 Probably. The field of project management is getting more and more competitive. Sometimes experience and enthusiasm isn’t enough to land that next job. Sometimes you need to have a little more meat on your resume.


 According to, “Out of 13 advertisements for project manager jobs posted on and, eight ads either require or prefer project management certification.” That means if you don’t have the project management certifications today’s employers are looking for, your resume may as well be blank.


 Will getting project management certification for my team improve our project outcomes?

 Very likely. If you already have a team of project managers, ask yourself this: how smoothly and successfully are those projects rolling out? If the response is underwhelming, your team may be in need of the knowledge and skills certain certifications provide. reports that “

having project managers without Project Management Professional (PMP) certification results in a lower percent of projects coming in on time and on budget

—especially when less than 10 percent of the project managers in the company are PMPs.” As you already know, when projects fail due to project management shortcomings, it’s money down the drain as well as a black eye to the organization.


 How do I get PMP or other project management certification for myself or my team?

 Based in Kentucky, Solarity is a respected Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). We are qualified to offer training in project management and to issue professional development units (PDUs) to meet the continuing education needs of PMI credential holders.  We are also qualified to provide instruction and certification in business analysis through the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).


 How do I prepare to pass my PMI or IIBA certification exam?

 Like many things in life, earning your project management or business analysis certification is something best done right the first time. As each attempt costs time and money, it is important to prepare for the challenging certification exams. Solarity can fast track you or your company to success with prep courses for PMI-PMP and other project management, scheduling, risk management, program management, or business analysis certifications using engaging, effective and experienced classroom or web-based instructors.


 Which certification program best fits my needs?

 The chart below provides a quick reference to the different credentials, certifying bodies and associated prep classes:


Certification Certifying Body Description For More info Associated classes
Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Institute (PMI) The industry standard certification for project managers

Best Practices in Project Management


PMP/CAPM Exam Preparation with Coaching


Online PMP Exam Preparation Course (available in 60,90 and 120 days)

Risk Management Professional (RMP) Project Management Institute (PMI) Focuses on project risk and opportunity assessment and threat mitigation

PMP-09 Introduction to Project Risk Management


Project Risk Management


Project Risk Management PMI-RMP Exam Prep

Scheduling Professional (SP) Project Management Institute (PMI) Focuses on developing and maintaining project schedules. Project Time and Schedule Management
Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) Project Management Institute (PMI) Focuses on defining business requirements and shaping and driving successful outcomes. Business Analysis Fundamentals
Program Management Professional (PgMP) Project Management Institute (PMI) Certification for supervisors of teams of project managers overseeing multiple, related projects.  Contact Us
Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Formal recognition for experienced business analysts

Business Analysis Fundamentals


CCBA Certification Preparation

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) For senior business analysts who want to be recognized as experts in their field CBAP Certification Preparation


No matter where you are in your PM career or what level of success your project management team is experiencing, the right certification program can take your projects to the next level.


 The outcomes can be . . . Smarter. Better. More collaborative. On time. On budget. Out of the box. Seamless.


 They can be a success. You can be a success.