Student Spotlight – Greg Brown

Congratulations to Greg Brown, who not only passed his PMP® exam after taking our  PMP® Exam Prep with Coaching  course, but also was hired as the COO of a major commercial towing company. While his impressive experience and work ethic were the main reasons for his advancement, he believes that...Read More >

The Value of Organizational Change Management

Contributed by Cory Camic At the October meeting of the IIBA Bluegrass Chapter, Mark Wavle presented on "Cultivating Agile Requirements". In his presentation, Mark talked about one of the most important principles of the Agile Manifesto as producing working software over having comprehensive...Read More >

Cultivating Agile Requirements

In an Agile environment, maintaining an ever-changing backlog of requirements can be intimidating, exhausting, and overwhelming.  Without sustainable activities to cultivate the backlog, the Agile team can struggle to deliver value to its customers.   In this session, we will: Talk about changes...Read More >

How Agile Are You?

Contributed by:  Sue Knies, PMP, CSSBB It’s hard to believe that it has been over ten years since the Agile Manifesto ( ) was published by 17 software developers.  And, although many people still associate agile with software development, the concept has been...Read More >