Skills that are Recession Proof

Reference: “3 ‘recession-proof’ skills that are in-demand even during a downturn, according to economists” by Morgan Smith published July 21, 2022 There is currently a debate between economists as to whether a recession is coming, and if so, how bad it will be. Though it is too soon to...Read More >

Important Updates to PMI Talent Triangle®

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Change is inevitable, a certainty, but even knowing this change can still be intimidating – and today, change is constant. To help project professionals navigate and adapt to our rapidly changing world, keep pace with effective practices...Read More >

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Certified as a PMP 

In today’s workplace, lots of us are project managers, even if we don’t have that specific title. Our jobs often include balancing budgets and schedules with work that has to be done to achieve a specific outcome. That’s more or less the definition of project management. A natural question to...Read More >

Preparing for the PMP® Exam

Submitted by: Anita Marshall, P.E., PMP ® , Principal Civil Engineer, Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) I currently work at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) in the Materials section. I formerly worked in the Highway Design section at RIDOT and have been a...Read More >

I Failed My PMP Exam and it’s COVID-19’s Fault.

Hi, my name is Cole and I failed my PMP Exam. In my defense, it was the first time I took it, and it’s a difficult test. PMI doesn’t publish the pass/fail numbers, but anecdotally, word on the street is at least 40-50% of candidates don’t pass on the first try. Also in my defense, I had to...Read More >