Reference: “3 ‘recession-proof’ skills that are in-demand even during a downturn, according to economists” by Morgan Smith published July 21, 2022

There is currently a debate between economists as to whether a recession is coming, and if so, how bad it will be. Though it is too soon to predict when or if a recession will hit the U.S., senior economist Kory Kantenga says, “it’s very clear that we’re in an economic slowdown right now.” What results from an economic slowdown? Lost jobs, employers seeking specific skills, and job seekers needing more specialized skills. Economists claim that flexibility, project management, and communication are the most “recession-proof” skills that employers will be looking for in the near future.

Flexibility has been a key skill for many years but has been more important recently during the Covid-19 recession of 2020. Flexibility is shown by navigating different roles and responsibilities throughout an organization, overcoming a problem on an important project, volunteering your time to assist with tasks that are not included within your scope of responsibilities, or collaborating with a new team. As a job seeker, it is important to highlight your ability to “operate in times of uncertainty” when completing your resume. Solarity offers a Time Management course and other leadership courses that can give you the tools to effectively balance your time and prioritize what is urgent and important.

Project managers certified in project management is and will continue to be a highly sought skill, especially as new obstacles will inevitably arise. Employers are looking for potential employees “who can identify new problems, articulate solutions, and drive that plan forward,” according to chief economist Julia Pollak. Solarity is an Authorized Training Partner with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and offers a Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation class. This class prepares you for the PMP Exam which, when passed, gives you a nationally recognized PMP certification. This certification shows current and potential employers that you are well versed in the project management processes.

Clear and effective communication is a critical skill in all industries. Being able to give presentations, feedback, and negotiation are skills that employers are always looking for. While those skills are important, it is crucial for future job seekers to pay attention to the news and follow which industries are making long-term investments in hiring. Costs and benefits of jobs will change during a recession, so it is important to put yourself in a position to succeed through the recession and in the recovery. Solarity offers a Communications Management course that will help you brush up your communication skills and give you tools and techniques that can immediately be put to use back at the workplace.

Having these three crucial skills can make you an invaluable team member across all industries and “recession-proof” yourself for the future. At Solarity, we would love to help you reach your full potential in these areas!