This was a good experience where I was able to learn about Lean concepts , reengage myself in those concepts, and see how to apply a granular and...macro [way].

Brittany Kaufman, MPA, Assistant Director, Finance Enterprise Solutions
NYU Langone Health

This was the best class I’ve attended in years! I feel like it was extremely beneficial and a great use of my time. I actually don't like role-playing but these activities were engaging and kind of fun to participate in.

Taneka Carter
Tempur Sealy International

Kentucky Flag

The Trainer was amazing and very knowledgeable! He always brings high energy to the classroom.

Charles Higginbotham, Director

This training really helped put things into perspective and provides a pathway and structure around projects I am working on - excited to implement the learning. The instructor was very engaging and thorough. The format of the class was excellent providing enough variety for everyone to stay engaged. I liked the idea of using a project we are actually working on as the basis for the class.

Katy Brown, Director of Tech Association of the Bluegrass (TAB)
Awesome Inc.

My expectations were high, I haven't had formal training prior to this class. I would say the Trainer exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the class work, the scenarios brought the class to life. I appreciated the off-script tips provided & the book for future follow-up.

Carol Hefling

I enjoyed many of the exercises. The Trainer's expertise, confidence, and passion absolutely made the course.

Mandy Schramm