My expectations were high, I haven't had formal training prior to this class. I would say the Trainer exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the class work, the scenarios brought the class to life. I appreciated the off-script tips provided & the book for future follow-up.

Carol Hefling

I enjoyed many of the exercises. The Trainer's expertise, confidence, and passion absolutely made the course.

Mandy Schramm

I enjoyed the pace and the variety of activities. We sat, stood, listened, watched videos, played games, worked on our own projects. I also enjoyed that it was pen & paper, not software based.

Janine Hempy

Business Analysis Workshop – Made me step out of my comfort zone! Loved the "Post the Path" exercise.

Laurie Eldridge

I loved the method of delivery. I thought the ratio of classroom trainings versus tours was extremely effective & helped me retain the info better. I really enjoyed hearing real life experiences from all Solarity staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable, positive and involved which created a great learning environment.

Abby Berger

This Course has been wonderful and broken down in such a logical way! I would recommend it (PMP Exam Prep with Coaching) to anyone. Materials were easy to follow along with and helpful. I liked the group work the first few days followed by individual work later in the week.

Emily Nieport