Presentation: “Great Projects by Choice”

PMI Bluegrass Chapter Meeting Some companies start from a position of vulnerability within unstable, out-of-control environments to rise to become great companies with spectacular performance. According to Jim Collins, the author of  Great by Choice , companies that thrive in chaos are...Read More >

Mentoring…Is it Worth It?

A former colleague of mine -- from back in the days of my IBM career -- tracked me down recently through LinkedIn. His name is Lex and what prompted him to reconnect was that he wanted to get my thoughts on how he could pursue a change in profession to project management.    After a brief...Read More >
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New Project Management Book Club!

Our friend Patrick Quirk of FOQUS Partners shared news of a new book club available for project managers in Kentucky and Southeast Ohio. Below is an overview from Patrick. Head over to PM Evolution to see more details.  What Does the Book Club Provide? This book club is specific to project...Read More >

Presentation: The Leader’s Compass

PMI Bluegrass Chapter Meeting You have seen leaders come and go and you've seen some succeed and others fail. Have you ever wondered what explains this? Institutions that have researched this question, from universities to for-profit companies to the US military, have found that when the leaders...Read More >