‘Twas the night before Christmas and way across town,

The overworked project manager’s face had a frown,

“I’m scared, and I’m lonely, and all out of time,

my sponsor won’t help me, won’t send me a dime.

I need so much help and I need it so fast, 

but I have no mentor, no mentor, alas.”


He sat down at his laptop, frustrated and tired,

and thought of the work in which he was mired.

“I need some resources, I’ll just surf the Web,

Oh, my goodness…what’s this? There’s hope for me yet!

It’s Solarity.com, it’s good, no it’s great!

It’s just what I need, there’s no time to wait!”


“Articles, blogs, and information galore,

I’ll take what I want, and I’ll come back for more!

Deliverables, checklists, templates, and tools,

And their staff are all experts-none of them fools!

Advice and encouragement is just what I needed,

I can talk to my sponsor now and my advice will be heeded.”


His heart filled with glee and his brain set a-spinning, 

He threw back his head, shouting, “Hey, now I’m winning!

I’ll be ahead of the game and wiser to boot,

I’ll take advantage of all of Solarity’s loot.

And check out these classes, I can’t wait to start.

I’ll learn so much more and have real PM smarts.”


So he read through the blogs and signed up for a class, 

PMP Exam Prep class means I’m sure to pass!”

He downloaded some templates and turned off his machine.

“With help from Solarity, my projects will be green!”

He turned off the lights but knew his future was bright.

“Merry Christmas Solarity…and to my projects, finally, a Good Night.”



“A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore