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Our friend Patrick Quirk of FOQUS Partners shared news of a new book Patrick Quirk (2) (490x640)club available for project managers in Kentucky and Southeast Ohio. Below is an overview from Patrick. Head over to PM Evolution to see more details. 

What Does the Book Club Provide?

This book club is specific to project managers, allowing them to both read and discuss excellent books.

In addition, project managers have the opportunity for personal and professional development by reviewing books about business, personal development and life from a project manager’s perspective.

How Often Does this Take Place? 

A new book is selected each quarter and an online write-up is posted for comments and discussions. The online discussion leaps into the real world via in-person events designed to combine networking with guided small group discussion. The current locales for the small group discussions are Lexington, Cincinnati and Louisville.

What Kind of Books Are Reviewed? 

The participants found that many of their trials and joys were shared by other people, and there are many useful nuggets of information and practice that these books provide. Being able to discuss them with other project managers provided a more enjoyable way to learn, as well as gaining perspective and camaraderie with other people of like minds and experience. 

  • Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s TopMinds by Carmine Gallo. Discussions narrowed in on the types of presentations project managers must give throughout the project lifecycle.
  • The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. Discussions focused on the team-building concepts presented in the book.
  • Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. People discussed how project managers and project teams must be creative to deliver new solutions.
  • Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. The PM Book Club considered how Ms. Scott’s concepts can be applied to the types of conversations project managers have with sponsors and team members.
  • You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader by Mark Sanborn . Participants addressed those situations when project managers must influence others without having direct authority, a common condition in many organizations. 

Join the discussion today!

Visit or the local PMI chapter website for each area for information on local sessions, to review current and past titles or to suggest new titles.

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