Full-day retreat with Action Plans

You can upgrade to a full-day retreat, which includes a breakdown of the Action Items scheduled into six-month cycles.
This Action Plan makes the commitments and great ideas people have more actionable, and can adjust as conditions change.



The purpose of this workshop is to: 

  • Allow the new and existing members to gain shared understanding
  • Bond as a team, learning how one another think and work
  • Discuss and document a shared vision for advancing the community

What you will receive:

  • Facilitated session
  • Definition of shared vision
  • List of commitments and goals
  • Exercises to understand each other

$1,500  for 1/2 day retreat at your location

$3,000 for full day retreat at a destination. which also includes Action Steps for the next 18 months
25% discount if you purchase during the KLC Conference