Sponsor Actions Critical to Project Success and Things Sponsors Should Not Do

Webinar: Monday, October 6th (12:00 – 1:00pm)

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Projects can be significantly supported or harmed through actions of management. There are key actions

project sponsors must take to support projects at startup and during project performance and many of
these do not take significant time or effort. There are also things management should not do as a number
of actions can harm project efforts. This seminar is an excerpt from a longer workshop on this topic and is
based on decades of industry experience.

The attendee will learn:
?- Key actions management can take to support project success
?- Management actions and behaviors to avoid that often harm projects
?- How to communicate and work with project teams
?- How to detect if a project is heading into trouble
?- How to use a “Sponsors Checklist” during different phases of a project

Speaker bio: 
Mark Waldof has 44 years of industry experience in systems engineering, project and program management, system design, electrical design, software development, systems integration and test, marketing and proposals, legal support, subcontracts management and organizational process developments. During the last 20 years of his industry experience, Mark worked to develop and implement organization assessments, processes, training courses and related infrastructure in both technical and management areas.

Mark has provided services to a wide range of large Fortune 50 and 500 corporations, medium and small businesses, state and federal government agencies, academic institutions and non-profits. NASA, Stanford, Sandia Labs, Naval Post Graduate Schools, Lockheed Martin, Unisys, Target, CHS are some example clients. Mark has also worked with international governments and industry in Japan, Taiwan and Europe.

Mark is retired from Lockheed Martin Corporation where he held numerous positions including the corporate focal point for project management processes, assessments, development and training. Other positions included leading the Corporate Technical Learning Council which worked, in part, to coordinate the development of skills based learning curriculums for over 70,000 engineers. Mark’s experience includes a past adjunct professor position at the graduate level at the University of St. Thomas, CSIS Dept. and a current position with the University of Minnesota, CCE.

Today Mark provides management consulting services to a wide range of commercial and government clients, domestic and international. At the University of Minnesota, Mark develops and conducts project management, systems engineering and other courseware. He has worked with the State of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota to build a systems engineering partnership with Lockheed Martin and works with local school districts in Minnesota to provide foundational science and math course materials. Mark provides management consulting volunteer services for non-profits including the National Marrow Donor Program in Minneapolis. Mark is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology Electrical Engineering Program and has completed numerous other areas of study.