Our mission is to help people and organizations thrive.

Nothing on earth would be able to survive, let alone thrive, without the sun. Our company’s name derives from this powerful source of heat, light, and energy, and so, too, does the overarching paradigm of how we do business,  how we treat each other and our customers, how we judge our performance, and how we improve upon it.

Here’s how it works:

Our Strategy the sun

Our strategy outlines who we are as a company (our values), the reason we exist (our mission), and our plans for the future (our vision). We want our strategy to be powerful, inspiring, and to shed light on our long-term goals and areas of focus. An effective company strategy benefits all involved.

People energy

Who wants to do business with (or, for that matter, work for) a company that’s just going through the motions? We are all about generating the type of positive energy that gets things done. Our employees’ personal values align with our own, and our staff has a passion for what they do. We seek out individual strengths and put them to good use, promoting efficiency, harmony, amplification, and synchronicity.

Performance Metrics making things grow

It takes a power source to make things grow. Harnessing that power source allows you to make things grow better. At Solarity we maximize growth by tracking key data points related to (1) our targets, (2) where we are currently, and (3) relevant trends. These measures allow us to identify areas for continuous improvement, ensure quality, and prioritize everyone’s focus on the right areas at the right time.

Practice Management lasers

Concentrated light in the form of a laser offers a precision and accuracy that has made it a favored tool with surgeons in the operating room. At Solarity we seek the same consistent, quality delivery of results, accomplished through an integrated set of business operations and habits that have been proven effective at hitting targets 100% of the time.

If the target changes or we find we’re a little off the mark, we adjust accordingly. It’s the combination of striving for excellence and consistently using the tools and practices that get you there that creates success.

Communication sustainability

The holy grail of energy sources is to find one that is sustainable– that is, able to be maintained without breaking down, without losing potency, without running out of fuel, on and into the foreseeable future.

At Solarity, we foster sustainability of success through a regular cadence of communication and accountability measures that follow the same structure, align with our strategy, and ensure we have a single information source and reliable data. That means our meetings are regular, on time, focused, and productive. And we listen . . . to our customers, to our employees, to the world. It’s that type of long-term vision that sets us apart.

Problem Solving weathering the storms

The sun is great, but what happens when it isn’t shining? Problems will always come up; new challenges will always present themselves. At Solarity, we aren’t afraid of cloudy days, storms or other obstacles. We operate in an environment of trust, honesty, and goodwill so that problems can be addressed head on. We engage the right people to Identify issues and opportunities, Discuss them, and work to Solve them (IDS). We may not always have a smooth sail, but together we can arrive at a safe harbor.

About the Authors

Bud Ratliff is the Managing Partner and Founder of Solarity, enjoys serving its amazing people, and contributing to the success and luck of our customers. He actively supports the community having served as President of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter and as a charter member and VP of Administration and Finance of the Bluegrass International Institute of Business Analysts. Microsoft selected him as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) six times. 

Christy Swift has been a writer and correspondent in the United States and Canada for over 10 years. With a degree in English and technical writing, she has a knack for making complicated subject matter digestible and even tasty. Christy regularly conducts research into the latest trends in project management to provide the Solarity Group with engaging content for its website and e-newsletters.

About The Solarity Group

Solarity is a business consulting and training company that helps people and organizations thrive through a practice model that integrates Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, Organizational Change Management, Strategic Planning, Business Analysis and Requirements Management. Solarity offers a broad range of experience and knowledge in a range of different industries that allows it to customize an approach to fit the situation.