If you are a project manager, you are probably used to getting blank looks from people when you tell them your occupation. In the short time that I have been working in this field, I certainly have! I even struggled at first trying to explain project management, but it’s really very simple. As project managers, we help get things done on time, in budget, and with value! Now that is something that should be celebrated!

Tomorrow (November 6th) is International Project Management Day. Even if you are not a project manager, you may “do” more project management than you realize. For instance, if you have ever planned a vacation, you have managed a project.

In the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) defines a project as, “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”. A project has a defined beginning and end, and produces something unique, so it is not to be confused with regular operations. However, whether we recognize it or not, we all work on, or manage projects whether large or small. So, whether you are a project manager by profession, or an “accidental” project manager, take some time to celebrate your discipline at one of these local events:

Contributed by Cory Camic (aspiring PMP)


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