Solarity’s Purpose is to help individuals, communities, and organizations THRIVE

Our commitment is to provide our clients with the ability to move toward quality lives and outcomes. We work to help our clients envision a better future through strategic engagement and strategic planning facilitation. This commitment also includes training excellence in every subject we teach. We then can help our clients advance their strategic goals by defining the right work, planning that work, and working the plan, adjusting as necessary until we achieve success.

Our niche is “building success by doing the right things the right way for the right reasons.” It is easy to be busy doing things and not accomplish the desired outcome. That is why we always seek to ensure we all have the same vision of what the right things are for us to accomplish, and then bring our collective experience to bear to ensure we’re doing them the right way.

Our primary business focus is to assist organizations with strategic changes that require the synchronization of people, processes, platforms, and content. We do this using the disciplines of engagement, change management, coaching, project management, and business analysis.

Solarity’s Values

All our people and practices are centered on our core values, which help us ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality work in the best possible manner, continuously improving our ability to deliver sustainable results over time:

  • Quality—We are committed to delivering valuable results for the greater good of our customers by using proven practices and highly skilled people
  • Wellness—We believe we do our best work when we are spiritually grounded, have healthy relationships with our customers, family, and friends, and practice healthy behaviors.
  • Relationships—We are committed to building relationships with the community, clients, employees and business partners through honesty, respect and integrity
  • Continuous Improvement—We are committed to assessing performance and adapting practices to achieve better results
  • Focus—We are committed to strategically growing and sustaining our capability to deliver value

All of our values are interdependent: Quality comes when we maintain wellness by practicing healthy behaviors, which lead to good relationships that are open and honest. When we hear truth from one another, we can continuously improve, focusing on sustaining what works and addressing areas that don’t. That focus leads, in turn, to a higher quality of service for our customers and a better quality of life for ourselves.