High-speed, high-capacity internet in every county in Kentucky

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is building a new broadband information highway (or I-Way) with off-ramps into every county in the state. When complete, KentuckyWired will be approximately 3,400 miles of fiber-optic infrastructure known as the “middle mile,” connecting the global internet to communities throughout the state.

KentuckyWired_Middle Mile

Why is KentuckyWired so important for the state?

Broadband speeds are expanding nationwide, and Kentucky is lagging behind. The Washington Post: The state of broadband in the states.

Fiber is more than a dietary supplement. In the modern world, broadband is not a “nice to have,” it is necessary utility. Access to fiber-optic networks with high-capacity, reliable internet speeds creates jobs both through home-based careers and through large businesses choosing to locate where the utility is available.

KentuckyWired’s “middle mile” infrastructure is unique as it is an “open access” network.

What does that mean?

KentuckyWired will allow communities, cities, private companies, partnerships, and other groups to connect to the “middle mile” in order to complete the “last mile.” This critical project will make Kentucky competitive on a global scale.

Project Sponsorship

KentuckyWired is a unique and important project that has been initiated through the bi-partisan partnership of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Congressman Hal Rogers. This project creates the needed infrastructure for job creation, health access, and education throughout the Commonwealth.

Project Funding

KentuckyWired will be funded through a unique public-private partnership (P3) with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and investment firm, Macquarie Capital, who will design, develop, and operate the network for 30 years.

Where does it start?

The KentuckyWired network will start in eastern Kentucky and move westward across the state, with completion of the “middle mile” targeted for the fall of 2018.

Next Steps

It is vital for communities to step up and urge for broadband adoption throughout the state. KentuckyWired makes high-speed, high-capacity internet available to every county throughout the Commonwealth. It is up to the communities to make the project successful by implementing the “last mile” to make this network available to every Kentuckian.

Soon, one area in the Kentucky Promise Zone will begin developing its last mile vision and adoption plans. 

Completion of the “last mile” will make KentuckyWired a success by growing opportunities and success in local districts throughout the state. As Chairman Hal Rogers says, KentuckyWired is generating a new “silicon holler” in Kentucky.

More information

How do you fit into this project? All citizens of the Commonwealth are stakeholders in this transformational initiative, and we can share ways that you can be an active participant and help build value for your local community. Email us to learn more.