In sports, you will often hear coaches or commentators talking about players as being a “triple threat.” Here in the Bluegrass state, that is typically concerning basketball, meaning that a player can shoot, drive, and rebound. Being a triple threat in the sports world is a good thing, but what about in Project Management?

 With project management, the so-called “triple constraint” of Cost, Time, and Scope often gets a bad rap from those outside of our profession. To those stakeholders in our organizations who play a role in our projects, the triple constraint can sometimes feel like more of a triple “threat.” If a sponsor or stakeholder wants to make changes to the scope of the project, it is the PM’s role to advise them on how that will impact the cost and/or the schedule. And that can be interpreted as a “threat.” 

 As project managers, we do have the responsibility of managing the project budget, schedule, and scope. However, we also need to ensure that the project delivers value, AND that it falls in line with the mission, vision, and values of the organization. After all, if a project is completed on time, within budget, and within scope, but doesn’t bring value, can that project be considered a success? 

 The same can be true in the sports world. An athlete can be very skilled, and be considered a “triple threat.” However, if that athlete doesn’t have good chemistry with their teammates, or play within the offensive “mission” of the team, he or she may not bring winning value. 

 In your projects, make sure you are going for the “win” and bring value to your organization through your projects, while still managing those “threats.” 

Are you striving to be a triple threat on your projects? Completing projects on time, in budget, and with value? 

For more information, check out this related article on the PMI website, or download templates such as our Project Constraint Worksheet. 

About the Author

Cory Camic, PMP, is the Business Development Manager at Solarity, focussing on leveraging solutions-based selling to partner with our clients in helping them to integrate the people, processes, and tools to enable success. Before joining Solarity, Cory worked in a technical training organization, helping to design, implement, and manage training programs for enterprise level organizations. He is characterized as a results-driven individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

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