Are you familiar with these classic moments in any poorly managed projects?    

  1. Wild Enthusiasm! (Yay!)
  2. Growing Disillusionment (Wow, that was fast!)
  3. Chaos (What’s going on?)
  4. Search for the Guilty (Hide!)
  5. Punishment of the Innocent (It wasn’t my idea!)
  6. Promotion of the Non-Participants (I told you so…)
  7. Define the Requirements (Here’s where we should have started all along!)

If these stages are all too familiar in your projects, our Best Practices in Project Management course is right for you. With this course, you can ensure that your project will come in on time, in budget, and with value. 

This course introduces you to the  ten knowledge areas that need to be mastered and managed to implement a successful project.  It provides a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of project management, and an introduction of best practices that can be used in all endeavors by all people across all industries. Participants learn concepts, terms, tools, and techniques needed to communicate about, organize, monitor, and successfully complete projects. And we have fun!