Cybersecurity is no longer optional. Attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Solarity can help you protect yourself through setting up effective programs to identify the biggest risks, and ensure you’re focusing on taking the right actions to protect yourself. 

Audit Issue Management

We don’t do your audit. We help you to manage the work and findings associated with it. Our project management services help ensure you’re taking the right steps and coordinating across the organization, and our software ensures that the results of all your audits can be consolidated, prioritized, and assigned (with appropriate levels of security) for action. 

Cyber Risk Management

Solarity, in partnership with HealthGuard, provides a portfolio of specialized services designed to help you effectively measure and manage your cyber risk.


Phishing Training and Simulations

Too many organizations have learned that only one click on a malicious link results in the loss of millions of dollars. Solarity, in partnership with PhishingBox, provides training and simulation services to test for weaknesses, train your users, and protect your organization.