Agile is a word gaining a lot of popularity and press across a variety of industries. Questions about Agile are also common among Solarity’s prospective clients.

For those that may not be familiar with the term, Agile is a movement started within the software development industry in 2001, and has expanded into a project management approach of choice for some companies as strategic execution must be conducted more quickly under rapidly changing circumstances to stay ahead of the competition. (For more on Agile see In fact, the Project Management Institute included an Agile Practice Guide along with its newest release, Version 6, of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) in September 2017. PMBOK 6 also includes, for the first time, rather extensive discussions on the need to tailor any project management approach to the specific project to be undertaken. Here at Solarity, we whole-heartedly agree!

In reality, there is no one approach to project management that will work for all projects in all environments, which is why we developed our project management practice to be extensive enough to cover the entire project management lifecycle from initiation to close out, but adaptable enough to allow for the right approach for each client’s environment. The figure below shows when more prescriptive/traditional versus more iterative/Agile approaches are best.

Solarity can say that for nearly 15 years we have prided ourselves on having a focus on successful results and “just enough” process to achieve those results, rather than restricting ourselves to any one methodology. Solarity’s project management practice is based on our purpose, values and proprietary project management guiding principles that we believe are in tune with an Agile approach to project management.



Finding the Right Fit for each Environment/Project

As a part of our focus on continuous improvement, we constantly review, adapt and enhance our existing project management practice with updates that bring together the best of all worlds while tailoring to the client and the particular type of project undertaken. In 2018, Solarity will continue to review available project management methodologies and best practices and then adapt or incorporate those processes, tools, techniques, and/or templates that we feel will help us achieve the success our customers deserve.

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