My previous professional experiences revolved around executive, project, and change management until I decided to open a gourmet food business. I was convinced that making and distributing unique food products based on KY recipes would be a success.  But wait…there is more to the story. 

I found myself wearing two hats:  a zealous “foodie” entrepreneur as well as a project manager responsible for moving my food products from kitchen to market.   

My entrepreneur hat realized that for my business venture to progress and to achieve my company’s vision needed more than capital, passion and commitment. I realized that I needed a partner to share in the ownership of the success of the business by making sure that my products were delivered with quality, on budget, and in a timely fashion.  There are many moving parts to establishing a food business and making it a go.   

My “AHA” for success is that “shared ownership” by my entrepreneurship and the commitment to making happen (project success) from a project manager role is a must.  Both roles bring in different skills, resources, and expertise that make complementary contributions to successful outcomes. 

Long story short: the common success factor I discovered was “shared ownership” of business projects by the entrepreneurs/business owner and project manager(s).

How do you ensure the success of your “passion” projects? 


About the author: 

Nancy Ward has provided strategic consulting services with Solarity for seven of her twenty-plus years in the industry. Nancy brings years of executive leadership to our team, and has led countless transformational changes and strategic planning initiatives throughout her career. She also has extensive experience with Kentucky’s state government programs and operations in both employee and consultant capacities. Nancy has also served as various types of board member for the local PMI chapter. Additionally, Nancy founded Ward’s Kentucky Specialties in 2003, which produces small-batch sauces, available both commercially and used in restaurants around central Kentucky. Ward’s is also a member of the Kentucky Proud program. 

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