“Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement.” – Urban Dictionary 

I am passionate about my profession. As I think about where I am and how I got to where I am today, I can’t help but think about my roots. It wasn’t until I read an article written by my niece, Kami (a Purdue Agriculture Communications Major), that I realized how much our upbringing influences our passions and what we do in life. With her permission, I’ve taken Kami’s article: ”5 things I learned from working on the farm” and have related that to my profession…..project management. I hope you enjoy! 

The top 5 reasons I am passionate about project management: 

5. Project Management is not only a career, but a lifestyle

Many project managers’ schedules depend on the crazy variables that dictate what they can get done and how long it takes to finish a certain task. Running a project requires dedication, initiative, responsibility, knowledge, and much, much more. I learned these values from seeing my family work on the farm. 

4. There’s no giving up as a project manager

If you want to accomplish anything you have to keep moving forward. If you get dirt and rocks stuck in between the disk blades, knock them loose and keep going (a farming thing). If you break something, fix it and get back to work. I’ve never worked harder or felt more successful than when I put in a long day at the family farm. 

3. There are too many variables that go into a project manager’s day to count

Despite the amount of planning and thought that goes into every single day of a project, there are too many changing variables to follow the plan step-by-step. So how do project managers keep going when everything seems to be working against them? The answer: Be flexible, be agile. 

2. A project manager’s job is not 9 am to 5 pm

A project manager’s day is only over when there’s no light left to work, no seed left to plant or no field dry enough to plow (a farming thing). And just because their day is over does not mean that their work is done. 

1. There’s more to project management than playing with piglets

At a young age, when my parents didn’t know where I wandered off to, I was always found sitting among the piglets or feeding the calves apples (a farmer thing). Successful projects require strong sponsorship and teamwork. Don’t forget to have fun with your project team. 

What are you passionate about?  Maybe we can help.

About the Author

Sue Knies, PMP, CSSBB is the Director of Practice Management and Instructor with Solarity. Sue provides consulting services to organizations by managing key projects, and working with employees to improve and strengthen their project management skills. As an instructor, she develops and enhances courseware, teaches and mentors students in project management, and helps translate best practices and principles into approaches that are readily understood and utilized. Prior to joining Solarity , Sue had a long and distinguished career with IBM, working with worldwide, cross-divisional teams, collaborating with clients, and managing projects that yielded client solutions, drove growth and expanded wallet share.  Sue currently serves on the PMI® KY Bluegrass Chapter Board as the VP of Programs and actively shares her skills by volunteering with her church on several committees.

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