It’s the holiday season! And while I love this time of year, isn’t it true that as adults we find ourselves on the receiving end of a lot of things we don’t need or want– things like fruitcake, cookies, scented candles, and desktop golf sets?

Well, at Solarity, we’ve boxed up something a bit more useful. We call it our Discovery Project Management Package. It’s kind of like that gift that someone gave you that didn’t know you needed until you opened it.

If you are looking down the barrel of your next project and are having thoughts like:

          We need to deliver the goods

          We can’t afford to miss this deadline

          Failure isn’t an option


Let’s face it, fruitcake isn’t going to help you…but our Discovery Package will

The Discovery Project Management Package is a bit like taking all of the raw data available about your organization, its current state, needs, goals and objectives, the organization’s culture, the stakeholders and the opportunities, and running it through a supercomputer in Santa’s workshop to come up with the optimal project plan to get the job done with value.

Our experienced project management professionals will sit down with you for approximately 40 hours over the course of 2 weeks and work through the following:

  • Review of the Business Environment, Culture, and Organization (What are we dealing with?)
  • Identification of Key Stakeholders (Who needs to be involved?)
  • Business Problem or Opportunity Statement (What exactly are we trying to do?)
  • Identification of Business Goals and Objectives (What needs to happen in order to call this project a success?)
  • High-level Assessment of the Current State (How close are we to Success?)
  • Identification of the Desired Future State (Where is Success located anyway?)
  • Articulation of Gaps between the Current State and Desired Future State (Are we looking at a trip to Tennessee or a trip to Canada?)
  • Organizational Change Considerations (Is there anything standing in our way?)
  • Solution Options and Recommendations (Okay, here’s the game plan)


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

There are additional benefits to the Discovery Package as well.

Imagine receiving a gift of a wallet from a relative. You open the box and see that it is a very nice leather wallet with your monogram on it, and it’s just the right size for your needs. You thank the person who gave it to you because you are genuinely pleased, and then the relative says, “Open it.” Inside is a hundred dollar bill.

That’s what happened to a recent client of ours who took advantage of our Discovery Package. Initially, they wanted us to assist them with project management process improvement efforts for their larger projects that are the bulk of their business. However, during that discovery process,  two other areas were identified where we could be even more impactful:

  1. Effective Meeting Management (package)
  2. Business Process Improvement (package)

Although we have trained their staff and improved the way they manage their conference projects, the areas where we have impacted this organization the most is in improving/reducing their meetings and streamlining their business processes to save time and eliminate duplication of effort. That was their “hundred dollar bill.”

Since the initial discovery engagement, this organization has retained our services for over 18 months not only to continue our project management assistance, but also to continue work on business process improvement and functional organizational maturity to help them continue to grow. You can see a video testimonial from their CEO, HERE.


Just Enough Project Management

Not every Discovery Package client goes on to use us to manage the project that has been outlined during the discovery phase. Some take what was learned and go down that road on their own, which is fine, too.

As with any gift, what’s in the box is yours to do with as you please.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Solarity!


About the Author

Cory Camic, PMP, is the Business Development Manager at Solarity, focussing on leveraging solutions-based selling to partner with our clients in helping them to integrate the people, processes, and tools to enable success. Before joining Solarity, Cory worked in a technical training organization, helping to design, implement, and manage training programs for enterprise-level organizations. He is characterized as a results-driven individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

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