Additional Meeting Facilitation Packages

Order additional assistance in helping to set up the agenda for your meeting, taking notes, and following up with Action Items.



Why is this important

How much time is spent by your team in meetings? If you have six people in a meeting for one hour at an average rate of $40/hr, you are spending $240 for that meeting.
Now, let’s say you have five meetings a week. That’s over $62,000 per year in meetings alone with just those people.
How much value are you receiving? Do you have clear notes, action items, and productive outcomes?

What you Receive

This package includes meeting management session for your team (including guidance on who to include) on how to run meetings that make a difference and use time wisely using our proven meeting management framework. 

Best practices in meeting management include how to create meaningful and concise agendas, tools, and techniques.
It also includes facilitation for two  session by a Solarity expert to help model great meeting management.


This package must be used by March 30, 2019. 
Meeting sessions assumed to be 1-2 hours. 

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