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Every Thursday at noon we talk with professionals who share how they’re adapting and provide experience that benefits the community.

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On Thursday, May 28, we’re talking with Tim Knittel, bourbon expert, and owner of, about practices that organize and enable the successful reopening of distilleries and Visitor’s Centers, and share a path to clarity and control for executives and managers.

Our focus is on best practices (along with free sample checklists, plans, and educational materials) and how they relate to the areas of Administration, Production, and Guest Services. Practical steps on what you need to do and how we can help.

“The timely and safe re-opening of Kentucky’s Tourism Industry is a daunting effort. Those involved may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed. While there are best practices and business models for handling a project like this, how many people responsible are trained in them? We will share how they help bring focus and control to get back in operation more quickly.