The last 8 years have seen the technology industry change dramatically as consumers have taken over from the enterprise as the primary purchasers of technology. Much of this transition has overlapped with the rise of ecommerce as the primary way many consumers make purchases. Spend an hour discussing these changes and how they impact you as a business analyst. 

  •  On overview of the key concepts and terms for ecommerce
  •  Differences in the requirements life cycle
  •  Translating enterprise skills into the consumer market 


Speaker: Ted Hardy, Director, Development & Digital for KFC US

Ted Hardy is Director, Development & Digital for Kentucky Fried Chicken US. Ted builds relationships with vendors to leverage their innovation strategies within his organization. He has been a Business Analyst or managed Business Analysts for over 14 years, serving in the food service, high tech and manufacturing segments. Ted believes in using systems in innovative ways to make people’s work and lives easier.

When: Wednesday, March 18th (6:30 – 8:00pm)

Where: ITT Technical Institute, 2473 Fortune Drive, Suite 180, Lexington, KY 40509



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