Fundamentals of Lean Management

Lean is an approach to organizational processes that seeks to minimize waste and increase value for customers. This course provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Lean management. Experienced Lean practitioners teach participants learn some of the key concepts, terms, tools, and...Read More >

Best Practices in Business Analysis

This course provides a realistic and interactive overview of what business analysis is and what a business analyst does within the framework of defining system solutions and interactions with a project manager and project team. Participants will leave with a proficient understanding of the...Read More >

Lean Basics

Lean is an approach to organizational processes that seeks to minimize waste and increase value for the customer. Starting off as an approach to manufacturing processes, Lean has expanded into all industries including services industries. In this course, participants learn about the core concepts...Read More >

Conflict Management in the Workplace

Whenever you have more than one person in the same space, conflict will occur. This course introduces the various forms of conflict that can arise in the workplace and presents strategies anyone can use to help deal with conflict situations. Participants take part in fictitious real-world scenarios...Read More >

Best Practices for Effective Project Teams

This specialized course is designed for use by an organization to provide a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of project management to employees across all functional areas. Experienced project managers teach the essential concepts, terms, tools, and techniques needed to...Read More >

Project Management Primer

  This course provides a high-level awareness of project management fundamentals. Participants learn from experienced project managers and are encouraged to bring their own project ideas to contemplate during the session providing for learning in an educational, yet fun environment, that...Read More >