Project Schedule Management

All projects face scheduling challenges. This course includes all the processes that are required to manage the timely completion of a project and teaches participants an understanding of the best practice processes of managing your project schedule, defining activities, sequencing activities,...Read More >

Project Management Foundations

This course provides the foundation to the Best Practices in Project Management course and is taught by experienced project managers. This course is designed to provide foundational understanding of project management skills to those managing and/or helping on projects in any industry. Participants...Read More >

Team Building for Project Managers

More than ever before, team building is extremely important to not only project teams as a whole but the individuals within those teams. This course provides an overview and understanding of the importance of team building for overall project objectives. Participants will learn how to incorporate...Read More >

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Foundations

This course provides the foundation to the Managing Organizational Change and Transition course. This course is taught by experienced project managers and is designed for those who are responsible for implementing or helping to implement changes from projects and other organization-wide changes....Read More >

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Primer

This course provides a high-level awareness of organizational change management practices. Participants learn from experienced project managers how to manage the people side of change and how to take advantage of change as an opportunity. Participants leave with a basic understanding of what...Read More >