Getting on Board with Microsoft Teams

If everyone at Solarity had a second job title, because my previous position was as a Help Desk Manger, mine would probably be “the tech guy.” I appreciate technology and I’ve often been an early adopter, so it made sense that when we implemented Microsoft Teams here at Solarity, I’d take...Read More >

How to Be A Hero at Work

The other day I got to be a hero at work. I was praised in front of everyone. My colleagues patted me on the back. Everyone celebrated this thing that I had done without ever having been asked. I bet you can’t guess what I did. Well, I’ll tell you . . . I documented my processes!  Wait. Why...Read More >

The Map is Not the Territory

I love maps. I have a lot of maps at home published by the University of Kentucky Press showing the state of Kentucky at various points in its history. Here is a famous one by John Filson, showing the state during the time of Daniel Boone. It’s fun to look at, although if I tried to use it to...Read More >