Hey, Who’s Cooking the Ham?

It’s that time of year again-- hams and turkeys and pies and all things made with pumpkin. It brings me back to last November when I wrote a blog post about how important it is to cook the whole ham, from a business analysis perspective. The gist of that post was that it’s important to know why...Read More >

Ten Tips for Managing Multiple Projects

by Alex Kinder   Can you juggle? I can’t. Not that well anyway. It’s hard to keep three or more balls in a constant state of motion that ensures none of them will hit the ground. Juggling requires rhythm, concentration, trust and awareness. The same goes for managing multiple projects....Read More >

No Need to Raid Area 51 to Find Extraordinary Beings!

The Solarity Group: who in the world (or out of this world, rather) are they?   by Cole Guthrie, Solarity Project Manager Solarity was a term coined to describe the qualities of the organization we wished to build. The word solar is an adjective that can mean determined by, proceeding from, or...Read More >

Embrace the Change

Change Most people don’t like it. That’s why we make a big deal about New Year’s Resolutions-- as if we literally have to gear up all year long to face the monumental task of trying to be, think or do something different. Why are people so resistant to change? It often has to do with real or...Read More >

Getting on Board with Microsoft Teams

If everyone at Solarity had a second job title, because my previous position was as a Help Desk Manger, mine would probably be “the tech guy.” I appreciate technology and I’ve often been an early adopter, so it made sense that when we implemented Microsoft Teams here at Solarity, I’d take...Read More >

How to Be A Hero at Work

The other day I got to be a hero at work. I was praised in front of everyone. My colleagues patted me on the back. Everyone celebrated this thing that I had done without ever having been asked. I bet you can’t guess what I did. Well, I’ll tell you . . . I documented my processes!  Wait. Why...Read More >