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PM Book Club, Lexington Sessions

Be a part of the 1 st PM Book Club session in Lexington! Join us as we discuss Simon Sinek’s TED inspired book, Start with Why . We’ll discuss how the concepts of team building, motivation and leadership from Start with Why relate to the discipline of project management. Things will kick off...Read More >

Professional Memberships for Project Managers

Relationships and continuous improvement are two of Solarity’s core values, and involvement in professional organizations fosters both of those values. Having a group of other practitioners who can provide no-cost support, advice, and expertise provides enormous value. We at Solarity recommend...Read More >
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New Project Management Book Club!

Our friend Patrick Quirk of FOQUS Partners shared news of a new book club available for project managers in Kentucky and Southeast Ohio. Below is an overview from Patrick. Head over to PM Evolution to see more details.  What Does the Book Club Provide? This book club is specific to project...Read More >