Fostering Psychological Safety

By: Kellie McDermott Psychological safety, coined by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson in 1999, is the absence of interpersonal fear. It allows individuals to perform their best across various life domains, including home, school, and work. Feeling psychologically safe means being...Read More >


By: Rachel Johnson and Kellie McDermott Project managers are expected to have strong leadership skills, and influencing is one of those skills. But what is it? And how do you do it? Below we detail what influence is and how project managers can use it as a helpful leadership skill. Adopt an...Read More >

Time Management Tips and Tricks for Remote Project Teams

Time management is a critically important skill for all team members, especially if that team is working remotely. As a team lead or project manager, you must plan how to use the time you have available and that of your resources more effectively. This is an important part of managing your...Read More >


As project managers, we know there are the triple constraints that are used to determine project success: cost, schedule, and scope. So why would a project that met all constraints be considered less than successful? The answer to this is expectations. Objective measurements were met, but...Read More >

Skills that are Recession Proof

Reference: “3 ‘recession-proof’ skills that are in-demand even during a downturn, according to economists” by Morgan Smith published July 21, 2022 There is currently a debate between economists as to whether a recession is coming, and if so, how bad it will be. Though it is too soon to...Read More >