Bright Ideas Clear Solutions: Working with Windows

We're trying something new. Bud Ratliff, our President, loves finding ways to make it easier to use tools. Our Bright Ideas Clear Solutions series shows you quick tips to maximize your time spent on producing your work on time, in budget, and with value.  In this session Bud shows you how to...Read More >

Microsoft Project: 3 Shortcuts to Save Time

I'm a big fan of using keyboard commands to save time when working with Microsoft Project. Here are three of my favorites, the first two of which work with Excel and SharePoint lists as well:  Bring Focus to a Cell When I'm working in Excel, SharePoint Datasheet views, or Microsoft Project...Read More >
Did You Know?

Did You Know?

I always find the "Did You Know" series to be interesting, and the most recent version became available last month. The first version was created by Karl Fisch, and was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. His goal was to raise the awareness of the faculty at his school. It went viral when...Read More >